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Welcome to Mega Petroleum Group


What We Do

Mega Petroleum is engaged in the wholesale purchase and distribution of finished petroleum products  internationally.  We earn profits by selling products at competitive prices with timely delivery to transportation companies, airlines, sovereign countries and various commercial buyers.  .We also serve as mandate to Irbis Holding Limited and RLR International providing direct relationships with several title holders and refineries in refined petroleum and crude oil products.

Who We Serve

We sell our products directly to commercial, industrial, retail and wholesale customers. We enter into supply contracts with our customers and require customers to purchase a minimum amount of specified petroleum products at sub market prices during each period of the contract.

Asset Security

Due to the complexity of the transactions and the high asset value of both the funds and the petroleum products we use a very detailed process with very few variations of terms on each project or contract.  We will require proof of cash funds and in turn issue a performance bond on the products with a SGS test, at the buyer expense.