About us


Mega Petroleum Group is fast becoming one of the most successful traders in the world’s energy marketplace. We have combined all the components of traditional business practices into an organization that excels in product, customer service, supply resources, and market information.


Customer Service

Mega Petroleum Group believes that customer service is priority number one. We provide all the support and information needed, and exercise hands on management from contracting to discharge. We are there to be sure that the customer experience with our company is complete and gives them the confidence found in a world class business with us, including our procedures, forms, and processes. We are always developing our systems to meet the latest developments and in Q1 of 2016 plan to release our customer tracking module that will allow customer tracking of shipments and contracts from beginning to end.



Mega Petroleum Group is rapidly developing new sources for fuel to supply our current and future demands. We strive to provide products to our customers that are, stable and consistent in both delivery, and quality. As new relationships are developed, we provide our potential customers with the ability to lift product and contract for the long term.


Our Customers

We only entertain contracts with direct buyers and their mandates that are ready to lift product at the time of inquiry and that are able to show proof of funds, and willingness to adhere to our procedures. We utilize our professional expertise and organizational skills to provide services to our customers.

Each contract we enter will take several man hours to verify the client, allocate the product, and make the arrangements to facilitate, before we approve, and commence the process. We do not invest this time, energy, cost, and commitment on contracts that cannot or will not be able to close. The buyer must be willing to show their ability to purchase the fuel.

We are also very aware of the secondary market and support it fully. We provide avenues for the secondary market to close and profit from contracts, as we do. Our due diligence procedures are very strict and we do not deviate from them. As a reliable partner we are helping to buy and sell crude oil and petroleum products. This market is very large and we try to satisfy the requirements of buyers.

We want to focus your attention to the fact that we are not working as a marketing company, or a broker. We are a true buyer and reseller of petroleum products.


Business Model

Mega Petroleum Group is engaged in the wholesale purchase and distribution of finished petroleum products. We earn profits by selling products at competitive prices with timely delivery to transportation companies, airlines, sovereign countries and various other buyers. As a true reseller we are in the position to utilize our own funds as well as funds from our Joint Venture Partners to purchase the fuel and resell to our end customers with neither side having contact or negotiations with the other. Outside of our regular private contracted customers we strive to identify real purchasers of petroleum products. We find allocations of product that match the buyer’s needs, purchase them, and in turn, resell them to our buyers. Mega Petroleum Group’s management team, has the dedicated staffing needed to facilitate contracts and procedures with utmost efficiency. This combination of in-house funding and strong management is allowing Mega Petroleum Group to become a leader, as a reseller, in the petroleum industry.

Our Chairman Rick Crowder

Leads our organization and was instrumental in establishing our strong relationships with Refineries and Resellers of Russian Petroleum Products. Through his contacts our core business has become Jet, D2, and D6.

As our Chairman, Rick is involved with every purchase and sale. He has strong belief in the principal of the “personal touch” and is dedicated to customer service and quality of production.

Rick graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Finance and Economics. In the past 25 years, Rick has served in a role of executive management for several high balance portfolio companies. His experience on the corporate level has catapulted our company to the forefront in this industry.

Rick is cofounder to a nonprofit organization that teaches financial literacy to our Country’s youth. The nonprofit directs high school students into the next phase of their lives through education, scholarships, and down payment assistance on their first car and home. To be a mentor for high school student and watch them mature into a young adult knowing you have made a difference in their lives is priceless.


Dante Hines

Dante graduated from Florida A&M University with a degree in economics. He went to work in the securities industry for Dean Witter 1987 and was licensed as Securities Broker – series 7, Registered Investment Advisor – series 65, Securities act of 1956 – series 63, and an Options Principle, series 4. In 1990 he created Hines Capital Management, an investment advisory firm managing portfolios for pension funds, 401ks and high net worth individuals on a performance fee basis.

As a licensed Commodities trader – Series 3, he began trading commodities, and commodity contracts, including petroleum and petroleum futures. Through his connections in the commodities industry Dante began facilitating the sales of petroleum, iron ore and sugar in 2002. Over the next 4 years he began building a base of buyers and sellers of petroleum. In 2007 he created the beginnings of what is now Mega Petroleum. Partnered with the strong financial backing, security, and management, he has recently gone to the public sector, as Mega Petroleum. He has expanded his service provisions in the petroleum market to include commercial buyers, direct providers of product, and the secondary market of brokers to facilitate operations. Mega Petroleum provides a complete service to all parties with integrity and customer service as a primary goal.

One of Dante’s passions is working with charitable organizations and in 2008 founded the Ethel Jenkins Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to revitalizing discarded properties and providing both housing and assistance for the elderly, veterans, low income families and homeless of this nation. In addition providing housing and counseling for displaced women and children resulting from sexual abuse.

Our President Brian Bajorski

Brian has spent his entire career working the international market. After college he spent 10 years importing Gourmet Coffee from Countries all over the world. As a Wholesaler of Gourmet Coffee, Brian established a network of clients all over the United States. Through his established relationships in Central and South America Brian began working in the Petroleum Industry. He spent 3 years working for a reseller who bought and sold Petroleum Products through PDVSA in Venezuela.

In 2012 Brian founded Mega Petroleum Group with Dante Hines. His experience in the International markets was paramount to the early success and growth of the company.


John Bown directs our organization in both logistics and organizational management. He is also very “hands on” in every department, providing our customers and vendors with attention personally and through his staff. He continues to improve and develop Mega Petroleum in becoming a premiere, professional management and consulting organization, providing our clients with world-class quality logistics services customized to meet their petroleum needs. Achieving our mission, and a sense of trust, support, and interdependence are vital elements of our business.

His belief is that our customers are the main reason for our existence and he intends to keep them thoroughly satisfied by operating in a manner that furthers their business interests. By constantly listening and providing continuous feedback to our customers, he directs Mega Petroleum to identify their needs and effectively translate these into customer-specific logistics.

John has a degree in computer science. He went to work in IT design and management and was one of the first Certified Novell Engineers in the United States. He was a managing trainer for the US Navy in the late 80’s at Naval Facility San Diego teaching multi user programming. He developed and installed the quality  assurance network for General Dynamics on the Phalanx Missile production plant and duplicated it, for management and redundancy, in Pomona California. He designed and built one of the first backbone networks in the central valley of California that grew to include San Jose, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York with peering connections   to over 700 networks. He developed one of the first “POP in a box” systems resulting in the build of 47 US based ISP’s and 4 international. He pioneered the early internet peering and growth in the US and designed and built a data center in Jakarta, Indonesia for the original APJII group that is still run today as a new entity providing the internet access for the country of Indonesia. In the late 90’s he became heavily involved in the development and management of VOIP systems and implemented mutt-platform VOIP systems in the Dominican Republic, Mexico City, Indonesia, and Watch magazine. As a design engineer he has specialized in the automation of management processes converting 100’s of companies’ manual processes into automated management systems.

He has 28 years of entrepreneurial experience as an automation specialist and management consultant. He is a respected leader of creative teams and corporate communications with the ability to conceptualize and implement management campaigns that effectively reinforce and build brand, efficiency, and image across training, instruction, application design and deployment. He specializes in logistics management and time scheduling in an automated fashion. John became involved in the building of Mega Petroleum Group in the beginning of 2012 and has been personally responsible for its management and development.

Our Mission Statement

The Mega Petroleum Group is formed to provide technical leadership, education, and stellar customer service to the petroleum industry. We provide a forum where customers and vendors alike, can exchange pertinent information for the betterment of the industry and the business we work in. This is done via management systems,  years of commodity trading experience, diligent customer performance, and excellent supplier trade relationships. We are international in scope and include personal handling, from the receipt of materials through the complete management of the process to the exit customer. All aspects are considered, including: environmental stewardship, quality techniques, processing, human requirements, distribution and service.

Mega Petroleum Group’s council is committed to the continual improvements of its services to its customers and to promoting technical superiority to its industry.